About Gail Hooper

    A transplanted Yankee girl from Ohio via Texas to Alabama I enjoy various things! My art career started at 4....drawing horses for my Dad...I was and still am crazy about them. I've been fortunate to be able to show cutting horses across the country for several years. Traveling leads me to a lot of new "subjects" to paint and sculpt.

    Jim Reno a renowned sculptor from Tx took the time to teach me to sculpt...and because I traveled so much painting seemed a natural to do because the materials were easier to transport. Since then I have developed a very strong passion for it. Portraits are the most challenging and a wonderful reward. Hours seem like minutes and I can't wait to get in the studio and hate to leave it...My collectors are all very special and live all over the globe. It's fun to think about my work in someone's home and making them smile ........that's the biggest payoff for me.